• Striving for Metaverse Life
    Development of the META OASIS platform
    Integrating Life to Earn
    Implementing Virtual World
  • The META OASIS goal is

    Users & Services
    "WITH GROW" system is implemented.
  • The ultimate goal of META OASIS is to expand user engagement through sustained and easier accessibility, generate greater value, and create a healthy and continually growing metaverse ecosystem


Oasis serves as a notable example of quenching one's thirst. It is tailored to the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the uncontacted (untact) era, where people are unable to meet face-to-face. META OASIS's characters allow individuals to become themselves and live in the virtual world, creating an environment that motivates the creation of another avatar, representing an alternate version of oneself.
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The holder of a land can form a union, and by building a nation with various unions, they play the key role of a keyman in the META OASIS, forming alliances.

To become the leader of a union, the union must have a minimum of 50 members, and a nation can only be formed when at least 10 unions come together.
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Even without land, regular Metarians can participate in parties and unions with each other. When a union leader or a nation is established, they have the right to vote for the leader of the nation.

Furthermore, independent Metarians who have not joined a union will end up living in public areas.

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