The diverse spaces, varied characters, and intriguing scenarios of META OASIS await your participation.




Officially registered creators in the system are allowed to make ingame attires and weapons and sell NFTs via registration process in the system. Differential application function will be put into use for the number of items to sell and different functions by creator grade.


Metarians who open FPS war simulation system, dungeon system and hunting system and enjoy games can resell monsters' weapons and defense armors in the store and dungeon. In this way, the job of hunters can be revitalized and thus game functions can be developed.


Business-only lands are granted to companies. By designating fashion brands(clothes), food brands(liquid drugs for strength), accomodations brands(hotel, restoring physical strength and defense armors, etc.), amusement park zone(entertainment), housing system NFT registration(building) and bank zone, companies can promote their brands on the map or advertise their brands on the advertising board. Also, they can make profits by offering services to Metarians in the Oasis and expand services such as support for offline-related services.


Virtual places will be prepared to hold meetings or parties in the metaverse by applying projecting a screen on the face of avatar and reflecting the latest trend in order to help users select virtual meeting places in public spaces and hold small- or large-scale online seminars.


Check out META OASIS's own live streaming ecosystem creation and support plan at Mega Studio.

  • 01

    META OASIS Broadcast

    Influencers can do on-air broadcast and live streaming by holding OFE donation in the META OASIS. To this end, viewers can click the screen for donation by preparing signboards or studios in the META OASIS.
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    Process of Creator Registration

    Written oath and agreement form on broadcasting rules and penalties are made and managed to help and support anyone to easily become certified streamers offcially registered as META OASIS Creators making OPE profits.
  • 03

    Mega Studio Opens

    Mega studio is opened in the public META OASIS. Creators in each booth make a place by installing signboard and large screen NFT for live streaming.


A system will be provided for Metarian to buy and sell various manufactured and dropped items through in-game NFT Marketplace.

  • NFT Sales

    Metarians are provided with a system to realize profits by selling items produced and dropped at Ingame NFT Marketplace.
  • NFT Purchase

    A system is provided to purchase items on sale at NFT Marketplace to make META OASIS more convenient.
NFT Marketplace(Coming Soon)


  • Puzzle Game
    Some games during the formation of a game town in Metaverse
  • War Simulation FPS Game
    Game factors are needed to allow anyone can play the game without lands. We will promote PVP zones in public places and open war simulation FPS game to help users feel and experience the initial version of war system between countries and federations in the follow-up version.
  • Secret Dungeon
    Opening soon, Taking loots as users get into different levels of dungeons
  • Smithy
    Smithy in public space, The weapons and defense armors used can be repaired and fixed in the smithy.
  • Game professions
    The scope of jobs can be expanded in the META OASIS. As Minigame is opened, a new job called professional hunter is made and the role of farmer such as item for making items for restoring physical strength needed for removing dungeon is also expanded.
  • Casino Game
    Some games during the formation of a game town in Metaverse
  • Boss Monster
    Appearance of Monster in a random manner, Dropping unique items
  • Level of Dungeon
    Level of Dungeon 1~100, Increasing the number of monsters and attack power
Loots dropped amid hunting include defense armors and weapons, and some rewards are given to users when dungeons are cleared off.
Defense armors and weapons obtained as submission and loots can be reinforced by Oasis minerals. Strengthening objects can be destroyed if a certain level of reinforcement is achieved. By reinforcement, users can build up strength and attack power required to enter high level of dungeon. They can also receive rare, special item drops by targeting higher dungeon.

Federation and State System

Composition of Federation

A federation chief must hold at least more than one land and the federation should consist of at least 50 members.

When the federation is composed of more than 50 members after its system is opened, functions available become active.

National Storage and Domestic Transaction Fees

State chief can adjust some transaction fees paid by members, and some of the transaction fees paid by them are retired or automatically stored in national budgets.
The use of national storage or state fund is determined by equal votes by members. It can be used for military service, building, advertising, investment attraction and donation in free DAO form. Use agenda can be proposed by gathering opinions from state chief and key officials.



Each country is extended to be a single union and develops into state federation using allies. The form of ally is promoted in a bid to advance military support, resource procurement and collaborative projects.


Countries take a hostile attitude toward the counterpart, declare war in public places and prepare for war for some time by relocating to PVP war fields in the public place. Nationals of the triumphed country are advantageous over obtaining loots, increased number of loots in the Minigame, reduced transaction fees and discounted products when buying in stores.

Collapse and Restoration

More than 50 percent of buildings in the defeated country were destroyed so maintenance and restoration projects are required.

Sensory Suit

Our ultimate goal is to apply VR Sensory Suit which will be widespread in a way that connects it with Oasis platform, adds it to VR like a film "Ready Player One" where users gradually get into the virtual reality and feel touch and different senses.
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